Roofwater harvesting using slow sand filtration

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The author of the content and the coding of this website is a graduate of the Universtiy of Washington (2006) with a degree in Enviromental studies (S.T.E.) and 35 years of experience in the workplace.

The content of this site is based on 8 years of ongoing study compiled in two other websites and a blog (all have the same author as the site you are at now; roofwater harvesting.org):
Building a small slow sand filter for individual use
This blog featuring information on slow sand filters

This site uses that information, in addition to information from scholarly articles based on research conducted at universities around the world.

From the Author:
As this study has continued, the amount of information acquired from over 1000 hours of work experience and several thousand hours of study, has become nearly more than I can handle. Organizing the information and presenting it in a readable fashion for all possible types of audiences is not possible. As a result, the information has been split up into 3 websites and a blog and it is still nearly impossible to keep every detail up to date.

There have been 17 water purity checks encompassing 67 seperate individual tests performed on the water that has been running through 8 different designs of biological slow sand filters. Also included in the tests were 4 first flush diverter designs providing water harvested from a composition roof surface. This water was also run through the slow sand filters. The work was started in the summer of 2007 and is ongoing. All of the 67 tests have been performed by EPA certified laboratories. There have been more recent tests performed on-site that were not done by epa certified labs. These tests have shown results similar to the certified tests - nearly all coliform bacteria are removed by filter 4 during normal operating conditions (above freezing temperatures). The study has also included information taken from 50 research papers and scholarly articles which are referenced on the academic version slowsandfilter.org. This site is a work in progress. More info will be added as time permits.

This site contains dynamic documents that will change often. The studies done by the author are ongoing and will continue as long as physically possible. Links will be converted to citations as time permits.

This website is authored by the same person who authored slowsandfilter.org, shared-source-initiative.com/biosand_filter/biosand.html and the blog: Biological sand water filters and roof water harvestingThe content is similar and some of the text is similar, but the focus is quite different in each.

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